Programme 2016 – 2017

Thursday 18th Auugust 7.30pm Powick Hall Redditch P.S. Visit to Worcester

Thursday 1st September 7.30pm Powick Hall Neil Ritchie Canadian Exped.Force 1914-1919

Thursday 15th September 7.30pm Powick Hall Alwyn Peel W.W. II Airgraphs

Thursday 29th September 7.30pm Powick Hall Peter High Hospital Ships – Postal History

Thursday 6th October 7.30pm Powick Hall Barry Stagg Parachuting Post Cards.

Thursday 20th October 7.30pm Powick Hall Steve Harrison G. B Registered Mail

Friday 11th November 10.00am Powick Hall Chris Jackson Worcestershire Postal History

Friday 25th November 10.00am Powick Hall Andrew Dove New Zealand 1915 -1935

Friday 9th December 10.00am Powick Hall Informal club competitions 1 and 3 sheets

Christmas Break as Break

Friday 6th January 10.00am Powick Hall Jonathan Smalley East African Airmails

Thursday19th January 7.30pm Redditch Worester to Visit Reddich

Friday 20th January 10.00am Powick Hall Max Johnson Max’s Miscellany

Friday 3rd February 10.00am Powick Hall Members Morning Stamps & Postcard Acquisitions

Friday 17th February 10.00am Powick Hall John Swan Portugal

Thursday 2nd March 7.30pm Powick Hal Derek Baron Olomouc (Olo-moats)

Thursday `16th March 7.30pm Powick Hall Gile du Bouley Polish Gdensk

Thursday 20th March 7.30pm Powick Hall Neil Prior South Wales Post Road

Monday 3rd April 7.30pm Evesham Worcs. P.S. to Visit Evesham P.S.

Thursday 6th April 7.30pm Powick Hall Peter Fernbank Bahamas

Thursday 20th April 7.30pm Powick Hall Pre Worpex also letters D & E Stamps & Postcards

Thursday 4th May 7.30pm Powick Hall Don Davies G.B Postal History with something different

Saturday 13th May 10.00am – 3.30pm Worpex Tudor Grange Academy WR3 8HN

Thursday 18th May 7.30pm Powick Hall Rex Dixon Baltic Bouder Changes W.W.2

Thursday 1st June 7.30pm Powick Hal A. G .M. With Club Competitions

Thursday 15th June 7.30pm Powick Hall John Mayne French Mixture

Thursday 29th June 7.30pm Powick Hall Brian Jones Pacific Islands

Thursday 13th July 7.30pm Powick Hall A Berrisford T.P.O ‘s Central & Eastern Europe

Thursday 27th July 7.30pm Powick Hall John Allison France

Thursday 10th August 7.30pm Powick Hall Ed. Hithings G.B Revenues

Thursday 24th August 7.30pm Powick Hal Members Evening Anything goes Stamps & Postcards

Thursday 7th September 7.30pm Powick Hall John Hodges Germany Bits & Pieces

Thursday 21st September 7.30pm Powick Hall Malcolm Watts Military Postal History

Thursday 5th October 7.30pm Powick Hall John Walker Japanese P.O.W. Mail WW.II

Thursday 19th October 7.30pm Powick Hall Peter Pugh Not another Bloody Railway

Thursday 2nd November 7.30pm Powick Hall Laurence Kimpton Across the Middle East by Air & Land 1918-1930

Thursday 16th November 7.30pm Powick Hall Members Evening Letters F & G Stamps & Postcards

Thursday 30th November 7.30pm Powick Hall Clive Jones Sheffield Steel Town